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Advertise your rental property !!!

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It’s Free !!!

Either we set up your page, either you, you DON’T pay anything AT ALL !!
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No fees -- No subscriptions -- No Credits Cards !!!

It's ease !!!

It's just seven steps !
You fulfill all the necessary details in seven, self explanatory, really easy to accomplish, steps
After submiting third step, and after, you can preview how your property’s page will be, just by clicking the button that lays at bottom right corner
In every step and almost at every item there is a small "info cloud" that shows up when you place the mouse on it, giving you info about the item.
It will just take you about 30 minutes!
PLEASE REMEMBER !!! Every step ends when you click on SUBMIT button !!!

There are 2 ways to submit your Property !

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1. Basic information

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2. Description

Please describe your property


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3. Upload your photoes

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Choose your Property's photos

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4. Facilities

What's your facilities ??

if in extra charge please check "Extra"
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5. Distances

Please refer distances from points of interest !

(we will consider only the ones with values more than 0)
Here will be distances
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6. Position in map

Find at the map provided, your property's EXACT position and place a pointer to that point !
  • You can zoom in, by double clicking map
  • You place a pointer by right clicking at any map position
  • You can drag and drop pointer by click (left click) and holding mouse button pressed, move it to any map position.
  • If you right click in a other place that the pointer is, the pointer will be mooved to the new place and map will be recentered
  • You can reload / reset map by clicking the red button below
  • You can find your current position by clicking the green button below (you must give permition for that)

7. Rooms and Pricelist

Room Types

Describe what type of rooms your property offers for rent separately
if property is villa, then consider it as one room type (villa)
if property is villa but rents parts of it separately, consider every part as one room (e.g. apartment ground floor..)
After you write ALL fields in form, click to Add Room Type button
--- You can insert UP TO 7 different types ---
When you enter all rooms click on SUBMIT button, under Preview section


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Preview rooms

Price Periods

Describe price periods (your pricelist periods)
After you fill out ALL fields in form, click to Add Period button
When you enter all periods click om SUBMIT button, under Preview section

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Preview Periods

Prices per Room per Period

Please write the exact prices for every room per period


All of us in, thank you for your trust and participation.
We assure you, that we are trying every day harder and harder to make us better.

After your Final Aproovement / Registration we will check all the information you inserted and we will make all it takes to upload your page.
We will translate it, we will adjust your pictures if necessary, we will correct possible grammars errors etc.

An e-mail with the final agreement will be sent to you right after, explaining all the details of our cooperation.

It is certain, that our cooperation will bring many profits to both parts.